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In 2020, Continue the legend with Challenge Anhui [Copy link]

Organizing Committee | 2020-01-01 16:00 543 0

Just in the past 2019, the challenge family has brought the first full course Triathlon Challenge Anhui China Guangde International Triathlon to mainland China. On the day of the competition, the scene was full of people and fanatical atmosphere, attracting more than 300000 people from the local and surrounding cities to watch it on the spot, and there were more than 6 million live webcasts. These are not only numbers, we seem to see Challenge Roth come to China, and this is also an extremely precious experience for our Challenge Anhui.

On September 20, 2020, challenge Anhui will usher in Ningguo station. In addition to 226 (including relay) and 113 (including relay), the distance of this event is increased by challenge women road race and junior race. The swimming track is located in Xijin River in the center of Ningguo City. The river water comes from Qinglong Bay of National Forest Park, which is the first-class water area. The cycling track will pass through the source and the most mysterious and beautiful road section of Sichuan Tibet line in southern Anhui Province. The running track in the city will provide unique event experience for the competitors. Yes, it will be a new city, a new track, a new experience and challenge,  but the final waiting for you and your family will still be the incomparable cheers and applause, we are also looking forward to continuing the legend with you!

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